Middle Income Class Society – A Brief Summary

Indonesia has strong advantage naturally. We have one of the longest sea lines in Asia, with numerous of floras beneath the sea. Up to the hill, we have best of mines, harvest, gold, and other natural resource waiting to be discover. Yet, we are the 4th largest population of individual in the world, imagining if these people get to work, produce something with their expertise, open up new business with their skills at entrepreneurship, Indonesia is better place to live than today.

One must noted that of all 245 million people surveyed live in Indonesia, we need to take a close look of those who actually productive. 18-60 years old people.

Middle Income Class Behavior

Behavioral of what so-called middle income class society has rapidly grow for few past decades. Academics and researcher have further analyze that middle income class society is a productive engine in one country to boost its economic growth. If you have one smartphone, a bike, books and other stationaries, you go to college, and if the leisure time you go to certain cafe or restaurant hang out with friends, you are probably one  of the individual classified among Middle Income Class Society. Look at the graph below:


This is a statistic shown how Indonesia actually has huge potential to excel its economic growth. Rate of growth of our middle income class society is 30% in 5 years as of today (2014) is 150 million people, more than 60% of total population in Indonesia. So if we use the same rate of growth, the expected middle income class society in 202 is 200 million people, which is 75%-80% of the population.

This is why world leaders and readers called Indonesia as emerging countries with huge potential of market and acceleration. Windows of oppurtunity. If we can invite MNCs, organizations to build up their business and employ million of jobs for our society. Higher rate of employment means higher individual income, higher individual income meaning higher total income per capita. We  are very possible to grow at very best of 7-8% annually. This rate of growth is expected if we expect Indonesia as one of successful country in terms of employment creation and individual income. Of course, toward better place to live.

Smarthphone Users Grow as Middle Class Grow

E-marketer has recently published one of it’s best information of smartphone users in Indonesia.

Smartphone Users in Indonesia

Smartphone users in recently used as one of indicator to analyze the behavior of middle income class society. Smartphones are well connected to internet and world wide web. Rising of smartphone users means better access to worldwide opportunities such as jobs, lifestyle, and efficiency in life, and information of course.

We expect of growing smartphone users, information would be borderless and government has the form certain environment of openess to access. Not just in big cities, but also in regional areas, even remote areas. Lacking of information has become one of the problem of creating inclusive growth in Indonesia across regional integration.


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