Unlimited Fuel

Sometimes I think life is like riding an autopilot cars. Like the one Tony Stark of Marvel own, No I am kidding,  actually more like Cars the movie.

We are the vehicle. We decided to how far we want to go, how long we will stay on the track, where we should park, who we accompanied to and by, where we should get rest. Explore more places, new experience, and what so ever.

But what ever it is, we need fuels. and fuels are limited. Fuels is the component we need to set us on how far, long, we will go. What sort of new places we can reach with enough and sufficient fuel.

Fuel in real life is motivation. Like in the cars, when they are limited, then probably our motivation was vulnerable and very rely on something that is very temporary. For me, when we say, “I wanna go to new places, to the sea, getting fresh air, to the mountain, just to recharge my batteries”.

I do not actually agree that this kind of experience boost our fuel for long time. We need different fuel. the unlimited one. I found it that it has to be “Goals”. Remember what they say, that “Goals keep you alive?” I believe that is true. Goals is the only thing that set you between our desired self into current self. Our strong desire to reach our desired self and life, will burn up the guts ever and ever. That is what I called by Unlimited Fuel.

Fighting for families? Is it a good reason to stay alive and burn up everytime? What if your families do not seem apreciate you? Will you still fight? I am just saying. I do not mean to be meaner, all I am saying is there is not a single person in this world that can boost your motivation except your own self.

If I keep believing in my self, work for my self, others will happy too, but that is a bonus. Either they are happy are not, I am fighting for my self. That is why, if the worst thing happen, when the world is not believing in me, the only friend I have, is my self.





3 thoughts on “Unlimited Fuel

  1. I shared the exact same opinion with you, literally, even on the part on family and own self. I just graduated, had a tough but passionate grad job, but never feel like I will stop just here. It’s too true that only by imaging your desired self can one keep up the fighting spirit in long term. And this will be the moment when you will find yourself really engaged into life, and where you will know your purpose of living. Support xxoo

    -from a random 93er from Hong Kong

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