What I Have Done with My 20’s So Far

I turned 20 years old about 3 years ago, so by this September, I am 23 years old. here are what I have done in my early 20s:


  1. Financially Independent
Source Pic: http://www.forbes.com

I become financially independent since I turned 22 years. Right exactly a year ago. I earn at least to fulfill my needs. I do not have sufficient money yet to distribute few of my income to my parents (in Indonesia, specifically in Ambon, there were traditions that working class has obligation to participate fulfilling family needs). But now, I got quite high paying job in Jakarta, my monthly income now is adequate enough to support my family needs, my own needs, and my future savings.

2. Having a hobby

Since college days, I have been involving a lot in Running and Jogging activities. I go around for short exercises of running (aprox. 15-30 minutes running) every Saturday and Sunday. Could be in a weekdays too. I collect medals for running event I had joined and finished, they are all hanging under big nails in my room right now. I collect many running shirts from the competition too. Here is the total of miles of running I have completed (since January 2016):


3. Having fewer friends

Many ups and downs happen in my 20s, growing up finally realized that there were friends that are good to store them in phone books, others are worth keeping in touch. I will tell about these stories later.


4. Social Media/Messengers Control

Source pic: ironsummitmedia

I have many accounts in social media, they were Instagram, Path, Twitter, Facebook, BBM, Line, and Whatsapp. Except Snapchat, I do not actually like using this social media, because it will consume too much data usage of my phone internet. Here are nature of my social media that I used:

Instagram – a complete collection of moments I shared. Mostly private and intimate stuff.

Twitter – football, places, and local issues public commentaries

Path – Media for sharing hobbies and updating locations where I am.

Facebook – media to connect with interesting stuff and news in the world.

BBM – Instant messaging with my closest friend

Line – Instant messaging for personal use

Whatsapp – Instant messaging for working


5. Keep in touch with Social Activism/Voluntaries


Graduating from UI with top experiences in social activism, I decided to keep in touch with this positive activities. I funnel few of my earnings to several social organizations, since it takes less time to do. I recently active in my Senior High School alumnus organization, an organization that solely aim to give back contribution to Senior High School.


PS: Next week I will publish “What I Haven’t Done with My 20s So Far!“.




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