My favorite spots in Jakarta

Following are spaces/spots I like to spend my leisure time in Jakarta, capital city of Indonesia. Let me details them little more.

  1. Tribeca Park – Central Park, West Jakarta.  


This place located quite far from my stay in, Depok. The park is in Central Park Mall, one of the luxurious mall in Jakarta. But do not get me wrong, it’s not the mall I really like, it’s the park. The park is really calm and peaceful. In the weekend, I used to saw people bring their pets along in the park, the kids watching the golden fish. I really like just to sit and watch everything.

Benny Likumahuwa
Foto dengan Legenda Jazz Indonesia, Benny Likumahuwa (2014) @ Tribeca Park, Central Park, Jakarta, Indonesia.


2. Sarinah Mall – Djakarta Theater – Djakarta Cafe (Thamrin Street)


Second one is Sarinah mall and everything near it. After sunday morning Run, I went here to relax my body and mental. It is very calm and peaceful, especially at night. My sunday are always special right here.


3. Setiabudi One, South Jakarta. (and everything near it)


This one is quite special too. After work, I went here. It is located in Kuningan areas, so it is quite reachable from my office in Sudirman. I went were for many occasions. But mostly, to join Friday Night Futsal @ Kuningan Village. While in Setiabudi one, I used to go the mall to have night tea. It is always very calm and peace.

Anomali Cafe
With Senior High School Friends @ Anomali Cafe, Setiabudi One.



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