Jakarta; and a temporary setback

Sumber foto: justkardoman.wordpress

I came to Jakarta in second quarter of 2011, about 5 and half years ago. It was life moment that I secured a seat in one of most reputable universities in Indonesia, Universitas Indonesia. It was also an opportunity to begin new life in a big city, Jakarta. Before I depart, I told my mother, “From this day on, I don’t go to Jakarta just to study, but also to start my life”. Time went to time, I have graduated from UI, I hold bachelor degree in accounting, August 28, 2015.

3 years of my college, I got money for living from my parents. In early 2014, we went to economic downturn, I was affected from it. But my days got back, I got an offer to be part of internship in one of my college lecturer private office (thanks to him). So I start to earn money for my self in 2015, enough to cover my basic needs, so my parent had to not worry about my necessities.

In November’15, I got accident, which brake my arm. So I went back to Ambon, there was a traditional treatment for an injury like this. the accident changes nearly everything. The injury caused me nothing but disabilities, I cannot work which means I won’t earn any bounties. This resulted huge problem since my family lose one stream of income, while costs increase due to fulfilling my treatment cost (including the medical) and my own basic needs. No insurance from my previous work. I resigned due to illness. It was a huge setback.

But Alhamdulilah, it was just a temporary. I got a call from one workplace  the one I applied before I went to terrible accident. She asked that when I could get ready for interview. I said I am in treatment to heal my arm, she said we will do phone-interview then. Thank God, I passed (thanks to her to). I was officially got offer to work, the one with quite rewarding salary and bonus.

So I went to Jakarta (RE: I am back!). From monday to friday, I go to work by train and public bus for one hour at least, sometimes I was required to go to work in Saturday. I have explored many offices in Jakarta (you know as an auditor staff we are required to spent more time in the client than in our own office). From Sunter North Jakarta to Citeureup Bogor regency, Pulogadung, Cawang, Cikarang, Karawang, Purwakarta, Pasar Minggu, and other places I could not even remember.

I started to earn money not just for my self, but to help my family cover our needs. From being parents liabilities to parents assets. I don’t love money, but I believe we all have to be rich enough so we can take out problems that bother us the most in our life. Now my focus is on two things: performed qualified work and planning on achieving next goals.

Things that happen in the past, and things that about to happen, I am so grateful that I have endured such pains that bring me back to game. It was a beautiful temporary setback.


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