Pekerjaan yang Mulia

Saya percaya bahwa semua orang sudah memiliki rezeki atas usaha mereka masing-masing. Maka tak pantas untuk memuliakan pekerjaan seseorang atau menghinakan pekerjaan seseorang. Kuncinya ya di kerja keras.

Bagiku pekerjaan yang mulia bukan pekerjaan bergaji tinggi, tapi pekerjaan yang dilakukan dengan sungguh-sungguh, profesional, bertanggung jawab, dan ditempuh dengan jalur yang halal. Ga maling duit orang, ga makan duit sembarangan, ga jadi tukang tipu lah pokoknya.


Senin, 6 Febuari 2017.

Jakarta Timur

From client with love


Jakarta; and a temporary setback

Sumber foto: justkardoman.wordpress

I came to Jakarta in second quarter of 2011, about 5 and half years ago. It was life moment that I secured a seat in one of most reputable universities in Indonesia, Universitas Indonesia. It was also an opportunity to begin new life in a big city, Jakarta. Before I depart, I told my mother, “From this day on, I don’t go to Jakarta just to study, but also to start my life”. Time went to time, I have graduated from UI, I hold bachelor degree in accounting, August 28, 2015.

3 years of my college, I got money for living from my parents. In early 2014, we went to economic downturn, I was affected from it. But my days got back, I got an offer to be part of internship in one of my college lecturer private office (thanks to him). So I start to earn money for my self in 2015, enough to cover my basic needs, so my parent had to not worry about my necessities.

In November’15, I got accident, which brake my arm. So I went back to Ambon, there was a traditional treatment for an injury like this. the accident changes nearly everything. The injury caused me nothing but disabilities, I cannot work which means I won’t earn any bounties. This resulted huge problem since my family lose one stream of income, while costs increase due to fulfilling my treatment cost (including the medical) and my own basic needs. No insurance from my previous work. I resigned due to illness. It was a huge setback.

But Alhamdulilah, it was just a temporary. I got a call from one workplace  the one I applied before I went to terrible accident. She asked that when I could get ready for interview. I said I am in treatment to heal my arm, she said we will do phone-interview then. Thank God, I passed (thanks to her to). I was officially got offer to work, the one with quite rewarding salary and bonus.

So I went to Jakarta (RE: I am back!). From monday to friday, I go to work by train and public bus for one hour at least, sometimes I was required to go to work in Saturday. I have explored many offices in Jakarta (you know as an auditor staff we are required to spent more time in the client than in our own office). From Sunter North Jakarta to Citeureup Bogor regency, Pulogadung, Cawang, Cikarang, Karawang, Purwakarta, Pasar Minggu, and other places I could not even remember.

I started to earn money not just for my self, but to help my family cover our needs. From being parents liabilities to parents assets. I don’t love money, but I believe we all have to be rich enough so we can take out problems that bother us the most in our life. Now my focus is on two things: performed qualified work and planning on achieving next goals.

Things that happen in the past, and things that about to happen, I am so grateful that I have endured such pains that bring me back to game. It was a beautiful temporary setback.

Melepaskan Hiatus

Kalau mengetik kata Hiatus di google, muncul tampilan dibawah ini:



Saya sepertinya sedang hiatus. Iseng-iseng di hari sabtu kemarin (3/12/2016) scroll down history akun sosial media Path saya, saya yang dulu (1-3 tahun yang lalu) sepertinya orang yang berbeda. Reaktif. Responsif dan tanggap dengan isu-isu terkini. Tapi berbeda dengan saat ini, cenderung untuk diam dan menanggapi dalam hati.

Mungkin sudah waktunya bangkit dari masa hiatus. Saya harus kembali mencermati lingkungan sekitar.

What I Have Done with My 20’s So Far

I turned 20 years old about 3 years ago, so by this September, I am 23 years old. here are what I have done in my early 20s:


  1. Financially Independent
Source Pic:

I become financially independent since I turned 22 years. Right exactly a year ago. I earn at least to fulfill my needs. I do not have sufficient money yet to distribute few of my income to my parents (in Indonesia, specifically in Ambon, there were traditions that working class has obligation to participate fulfilling family needs). But now, I got quite high paying job in Jakarta, my monthly income now is adequate enough to support my family needs, my own needs, and my future savings.

2. Having a hobby

Since college days, I have been involving a lot in Running and Jogging activities. I go around for short exercises of running (aprox. 15-30 minutes running) every Saturday and Sunday. Could be in a weekdays too. I collect medals for running event I had joined and finished, they are all hanging under big nails in my room right now. I collect many running shirts from the competition too. Here is the total of miles of running I have completed (since January 2016):


3. Having fewer friends

Many ups and downs happen in my 20s, growing up finally realized that there were friends that are good to store them in phone books, others are worth keeping in touch. I will tell about these stories later.


4. Social Media/Messengers Control

Source pic: ironsummitmedia

I have many accounts in social media, they were Instagram, Path, Twitter, Facebook, BBM, Line, and Whatsapp. Except Snapchat, I do not actually like using this social media, because it will consume too much data usage of my phone internet. Here are nature of my social media that I used:

Instagram – a complete collection of moments I shared. Mostly private and intimate stuff.

Twitter – football, places, and local issues public commentaries

Path – Media for sharing hobbies and updating locations where I am.

Facebook – media to connect with interesting stuff and news in the world.

BBM – Instant messaging with my closest friend

Line – Instant messaging for personal use

Whatsapp – Instant messaging for working


5. Keep in touch with Social Activism/Voluntaries


Graduating from UI with top experiences in social activism, I decided to keep in touch with this positive activities. I funnel few of my earnings to several social organizations, since it takes less time to do. I recently active in my Senior High School alumnus organization, an organization that solely aim to give back contribution to Senior High School.


PS: Next week I will publish “What I Haven’t Done with My 20s So Far!“.



Unlimited Fuel

Sometimes I think life is like riding an autopilot cars. Like the one Tony Stark of Marvel own, No I am kidding,  actually more like Cars the movie.

We are the vehicle. We decided to how far we want to go, how long we will stay on the track, where we should park, who we accompanied to and by, where we should get rest. Explore more places, new experience, and what so ever.

But what ever it is, we need fuels. and fuels are limited. Fuels is the component we need to set us on how far, long, we will go. What sort of new places we can reach with enough and sufficient fuel.

Fuel in real life is motivation. Like in the cars, when they are limited, then probably our motivation was vulnerable and very rely on something that is very temporary. For me, when we say, “I wanna go to new places, to the sea, getting fresh air, to the mountain, just to recharge my batteries”.

I do not actually agree that this kind of experience boost our fuel for long time. We need different fuel. the unlimited one. I found it that it has to be “Goals”. Remember what they say, that “Goals keep you alive?” I believe that is true. Goals is the only thing that set you between our desired self into current self. Our strong desire to reach our desired self and life, will burn up the guts ever and ever. That is what I called by Unlimited Fuel.

Fighting for families? Is it a good reason to stay alive and burn up everytime? What if your families do not seem apreciate you? Will you still fight? I am just saying. I do not mean to be meaner, all I am saying is there is not a single person in this world that can boost your motivation except your own self.

If I keep believing in my self, work for my self, others will happy too, but that is a bonus. Either they are happy are not, I am fighting for my self. That is why, if the worst thing happen, when the world is not believing in me, the only friend I have, is my self.




Belajar untuk Bersyukur

Entah kenapa saya suka membayangkan jika mendengar cerita kawan-kawanku, tentang kurang puasnya mereka dengan keadaan sekarang. Gaji kerja khususnya.Mungkin dalam hitungan matematis, effort yang mereka berikan tidak sesuai dengan kompensasi yang diterima.

Bagi saya itu masalah ketenangan hati. Mungkin hati kita kurang bersyukur. Kita kurang bermunajat, rezeki kadang tidak hanya materiil yang kita peroleh, terkadang dia dapat berupa ilmu pengetahuan dan keahlian kita yang makin meningkat. Relasi dan jaringan kerja yang kita bangun, sesekali waktu luang yang kita miliki.

Belajar untuk bersyukur bagi saya akan menuntun ke jalan yang mudah. Karena di dalam syukur, ada kesabaran yang mengendap. Kesabaran pada umumnya berbuah rezeki.

Terima kasih


Memutuskan untuk Bekerja di Swasta

Teman-teman budiman,

Saya aktif di kegiatan senat mahasiswa sejak saya mahasiswa terhitung dari tahun 2012-2014. Sebagai seorang aktivis (begitu sebutannya), ekspektasi yang tinggi dari orang banyak ketika lulus nanti dia dapat berbuat banyak, tidak hanya untuk dirinya tapi untuk khalayak umum yang lebih luas.

Beberapa memilih jalannya dengan berkuliah lagi menimba ilmu di luar negeri. Salah satu keputusan yang tidak populer adalah memilih untuk bekerja, apalagi di kantor swasta. Seperti saat ini, saya bekerja di salah Kantor Akuntan Publik (KAP) di Jakarta. Tugas saya sehari-hari adalah meng-audit laporan keuangan perusahaan. Beberapa melabeli pekerjaan ini sebagai budak perusahaan, semut-semut korporat, atau lebih jahat lagi alat-alat pemodal.

Untuk itu, saya ingin memperjelas sedikit alasan saya.

Saya lulus dari jurusan Akuntansi. Ilmu Akuntansi adalah ilmu yang membutuhkan pengalaman profesional, tidak hanya teori semata. Pekerjaan auditor mencakup pemahaman tentang auditing sekaligus accounting. Karena auditing tidak dapat dilakukan jika tidak ada pemahaman accounting yang proper. Auditing juga mencakup pemahaman mengenai kontrol internal sebuah entitas dari berbagai siklus transaksi yang dimilikinya. Sebagai tambahan, auditor diharuskan untuk meng-update pengetahuannya tentang berbagai regulasi, dari peraturan perpajakan, standar akuntansi, peraturan OJK, Bank Indonesia, dan perekonomian secara umum.

Ketiga kunci ilmu diatas dapat digunakan dimana saja, baik skala kecil hingga besar, dari entitas swasta hingga pemerintahan. Saya memiliki rencana jangka panjang untuk terjun ke lembaga pelayanan publik, akan tetapi saya membutuhkan modal, dalam berbagai bentuk, baik modal finansial, relasi dan jaringan, ilmu & pengetahuan, dan pengalaman.

Saya percaya lembaga pelayanan publik adalah lembaga yang bukan main-main, termasuk kualitas sumber daya manusia yang dibutuhkan disana seperti apa. Ketika saya memilih untuk bekerja di kantor swasta, percayalah saya sementara membangun kredibilitas diri. Kemapanan diri yang dibutuhkan untuk siap terjun ke lingkungan yang akan memberi dampak yang lebih luas kepada masyarakat.


I do believe that everything I do from here, will be in service of my long term goals. 

Depok, 16 Mei 2016.