The plan which was unplanned

Some of great moments of my life is happened to be with no plans. I once plan to write a book after my college graduation, but few days after graduation day, I could not even list the-stuff-I-need-to-do to start write the book.

After college, I really want to work in SKK Migas. It’s an Indonesia oil and gas industry regulating body. But particularly it was confirmed that there were no vacancies open. For 3 months after graduation day, I work for one of my campus lecturer private office. It is a consulting and research office. Monday to Friday, from 8 AM to 5 PM, not really far from my flat, but surely still one hell of traffic.

In December, I got an e-mail from a company. It is said that my application is being proceed, and in the next few days, I will receive a phone call. So I did receive a phone call. It is from a lady (which is now my super-ordinate). She said that she work in an accounting firm offices, as a manager. She asked me to come to the office for work interview. Then I remember, I once took a test for becoming an employee of the firm, but did not realize it was in December that I actually made it to next phase. So, cut to the story, we made the schedule for an interview. Afterwards, I got another phone call from HR of the firm, to discuss the offer, duration of initial test performance, monthly benefits, and the date of the first day.

28 December 2015, mark my first day in the office. It has been one year and couple months up to this date. The plan was unplanned. But, either way, it was a important milestone of my life. I sure did learn a lot.


Special thanks to everyone who was, is, and still helping me.

I am grateful.