Umur Ideal untuk Menikah!

Menurutku, umur seorang pria yang ideal untuk menikah adalah ketika sudah beranjak 28 tahun. Ya kira-kira rentang 27-29 tahun lah.

Kenapa? Alasannya kolega-kolega yang ia miliki sudah cukup pada saat melepas masa lajang. Pada umur 28 tahun, kira-kira seorang pria sudah lulus kuliah S1, kerja di beberapa tempat, dan sudah menyelesaikan pendidikan S2-nya.

Normalnya orang menyelesaikan kuliah S1 di umur 22 tahun atau 21 tahun. 3-4 tahun pengalaman kerja + 2 tahun kuliah S2. Koleganya tidak datang dari masa SD, SMP, SMA, dan kuliah S1 saja, tpi dari teman kerja kantor dan kolega pendidikan S2 nya. Punya kolega dan jaringan yang luas itu aset loh. By asset, I mean sesuatu yang kiranya akan memberikan masa manfaat di masa mendatang.

Betul gak?




Do you believe in destiny? -whisper the nature.

I am afraid it’s not that simple. I believe in regularities. Things that was meant to be, it’s not because if it is meant to be since the day you are born, rather it is because you work for it, and you earn it.

If you give your 50%, you get 50%. If you give your best, you get your best. There is no such thing as luck, you did not seize a chance by luck, either you are capable of it or you stay ready to take any possible opportunities. You stay ready of things that about to come.

So, really, stop saying, “it is his destined”. “he’s/she’s lucky”. You earn it, take the pride!

A Letter from a Friend

I got my head full of  boredom, uncertainty, sadness, doubts, worries, and everything else. and then I wrote a letter to a friend.

 Please give me stronger shoulder. I am exhausted, hanging by a thread, almost fainted, honestly I can’t take them all at once.

He replied,

From the day you were born, you were taken care by your parents completely. For once, you lived a life where you know nothing but a fortune. You wake up, you eat, you drink milk, you play toys, and you sleep and everything else like there is nothing to worry. And the days were you went to school, where you know nothing but to study. Your parents take care of your needs and your school fees, and your everything else. Almost anything. When you went to college 5 years ago, your mom accompanied you, stay there for a week. She checked the flat foods, your clothing, your schedules, and other things to keep you up to college days. She need to make sure you are and you will alright, and yet you are.

Not to mention the day you graduate, she, your father, and your brothers came. They ease their time to meet you. 3 months later you got a job, that somehow change the way you are, some to good, and some to bad. Yet, in your first day, she still accompanied you. She takes many wounds than you ever did, but she did not give up.

I heard you once said, that there are 2 important days in someone’s life, the day they were born, and the day they know why. And you said, you already knew why. THIS is is why you came for. This is not even a new thing for you, you have been through tons of miles of hell I could not even describe. You are the strongest person I once knew, hopefully still. This is just another battle, another field, another war, another series, the plot will always be the same, just different opponent.

You. Lived. to. Fight. As it you were, you are, and you will meant to be. Because guys like you, selfless, intelligent, ambitious, are the ones that we need at most. But also, guys like you, are the one who don’t get to live normal life.

So please, Wann, we need you to stay strong, ikhlas-lah dalam melakukan pekerjaan ini,  we need you at your very best.




With love, from a friend,


My heart will always be with you

Unlimited Fuel

Sometimes I think life is like riding an autopilot cars. Like the one Tony Stark of Marvel own, No I am kidding,  actually more like Cars the movie.

We are the vehicle. We decided to how far we want to go, how long we will stay on the track, where we should park, who we accompanied to and by, where we should get rest. Explore more places, new experience, and what so ever.

But what ever it is, we need fuels. and fuels are limited. Fuels is the component we need to set us on how far, long, we will go. What sort of new places we can reach with enough and sufficient fuel.

Fuel in real life is motivation. Like in the cars, when they are limited, then probably our motivation was vulnerable and very rely on something that is very temporary. For me, when we say, “I wanna go to new places, to the sea, getting fresh air, to the mountain, just to recharge my batteries”.

I do not actually agree that this kind of experience boost our fuel for long time. We need different fuel. the unlimited one. I found it that it has to be “Goals”. Remember what they say, that “Goals keep you alive?” I believe that is true. Goals is the only thing that set you between our desired self into current self. Our strong desire to reach our desired self and life, will burn up the guts ever and ever. That is what I called by Unlimited Fuel.

Fighting for families? Is it a good reason to stay alive and burn up everytime? What if your families do not seem apreciate you? Will you still fight? I am just saying. I do not mean to be meaner, all I am saying is there is not a single person in this world that can boost your motivation except your own self.

If I keep believing in my self, work for my self, others will happy too, but that is a bonus. Either they are happy are not, I am fighting for my self. That is why, if the worst thing happen, when the world is not believing in me, the only friend I have, is my self.